Advisory focused on helping filmmakers leverage international film markets to bring their projects to the marketplace from the script to the completed stage. We work with clients throughout the process of bringing their films to market, creating strategies and providing essential guidance to maximize opportunities and results.

Films at the script/development stage:

We work to strengthen your project’s viability throughout the market and guide you through your presentations.

How we work with clients:

+ Work with filmmaker to market the project

+ Advise on budget and packaging

+ Setup market meetings and provide guidance in presenting the project in meetings

Films in post or completed:

We advise you through the submission, negotiation and delivery processes.  We help you find the best partners for your film and work with you from strategy through delivery.

+ Curate a list of sales agents and/or distributors appropriate for your film

+ Present your film to sales agents

+ Advise with distribution options and offers

+ Provide guidance through the deliverables process


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